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    South Fayette Real Estate

    Originally part of Moon Township, this area has made a name for itself with substantial economic and environmental development.

    South Fayette Township is named for Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette (1757-1834), a French general who served the United States in the American Revolution. General Lafayette is celebrated for his support of representative government and his contributions to the achievement of American independence.

    The area that today is known as South Fayette Township originally was claimed by both Pennsylvania and Virginia. In 1788, the area became part of Moon Township, one of the seven townships in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Two years later, Fayette Township was carved out of Moon Township. Finally, in 1842, Fayette Township was divided into two municipalities–North Fayette Township and South Fayette Township.

    Today, South Fayette Township has been recognized as a Banner Community through the Allegheny League of Municipalities and Allegheny County, a Live Well community, and a certified Sustainable Community, demonstrating progress in the areas of economic development, social equity, and environmental quality.