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    Mt. Lebanon Real Estate

    The home of high-character neighborhoods, an outstanding school system, and excellent municipal service program.

    About 1850, the Rev. Joseph Clokey brought back two Cedar of Lebanon trees from a trip to the Near East and planted them in front of his home off Bower Hill Road. Mt. Lebanon’s name was taken from a particular mountain in a region of the Ottoman Empire, known today as the Republic of Lebanon, which is the only place in the world where those trees grow natively, Mount Lebanon. The name has been in official use in this locale since the first post office was established and a postmaster was appointed in 1855.

    Although the development of Mt. Lebanon never was as strongly influenced by electric railway transportation as Beechview and Dormont were, between 1903 and 1909 heavy interurban cars from Charleroi and other points in the MonongahelaValley via Castle Shannon joined city-type streetcars as they passed through new Mt. Lebanon subdivisions.


    Mt. Lebanon remains, as it has been since horseless carriages began to ply its streets, a premier example of that phenomenon of modern American life, the “automobile suburb.”