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    Bridgeville Real Estate

    Previously named St. Clair Township, this community has a rich history and bright future.

    The village that eventually became Bridgeville acquired its name because of the first bridge built at the crossing of Chartiers Creek at the south end of what is now Washington Avenue.

    The area was originally named St. Clair Township in 1763, and the southern part was split off as Upper St. Clair Township in 1806. For nearly 100 years, Bridgeville was a village within Upper St. Clair Township, known for its one bridge over Chartiers Creek where people frequently met to trade goods. An old saying, “Meet me at the bridge,” provided an obvious name for the village that began to develop north of the bridge around 1830.

    Mining operations began in the 1880s, prompting growth. Bridgeville was officially incorporated as a borough on July 27, 1901, from Upper St. Clair Township.


    Today, the borough of Bridgeville is home to approximately 5,000 citizens who utilize the Bridgeville Public Library, Bridgeville Athletic Association, and extensive senior services.