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    Brentwood Real Estate

    An inner suburb of The City of Pittsburgh with a rich history and deep community ties.

    Brentwood is a town with a rich and varied history. The 1.4 square miles that constitute the Borough were settled in the late Eighteenth Century. Many early residents were farmers of German or Scotch-Irish descent. Whiskey and cherries were the primary agricultural products of the era. In response to the institution of an excise tax on distilled spirits, area residents took part in the tax revolt known as the Whiskey Rebellion. President George Washington arrived personally with federal soldiers to quell the uprising in what proved to be a crucial test of the recently reformed national government under the U.S. Constitution.

    In 1953, a streetcar barn was erected along Churchview Avenue adjacent to what is now the northern edge of Brentwood. The bucolic town of Carrick soon transformed into a bustling streetcar suburb; it broke from Baldwin Township to first become an independent Borough and later a portion of the City of Pittsburgh.


    Today, Brentwood is a community that is in a competitive position to attract new residents and businesses.  As gas prices and commute times continue to rise, Americans are becoming aware of the drawbacks of low-density outer suburbs; however, not all citizens are willing to embrace the “back-to-the city” movement. Brentwood provides a happy medium for it’s residents.