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    The Top 3 Real Estate Trends in 2020

    This week, on Q&A Episode 26, Rich gives updates on the top trends home buyers are looking for in their future home. Buyer needs and wants have changed!

    Can you guess the new most lusted after features in real estate?

    Trend #1 – Home Offices & Study Rooms

    Home offices are having a much more significant impact on the home buying process than they’ve ever had in the past, so if you have a little nook carved out for a home office or a fully dedicated room for a home office, that is going to go a long way with buyers in today’s market. And on the subject of working from home, these spaces also double as a place for schooling from home.


    Trend #2 – Outdoor Living Space

    This trend has always been on people’s radar, but now with being quarantined in the home without a lot of places to go outside of your house, having an outdoor space at your home is very important in today’s 2020 market. Whether it’s a patio, deck, covered deck, garden, etc. that allows you to get outside and get a little bit of fresh air when you’re not allowed to go anywhere else, it’s going to add value to your home.


    Trend #3 – Cozy is the New Luxury

    The focus used to be on glamorous, super high-end finishes throughout the home. Now the focus is on being more family-centric & cozier versus buying the 150,000 square foot home that you don’t use. The priority is being very conscious of buying a house that is suited to your family’s needs versus buying something to show off.


    Bonus Trend – Natural Light

    Despite previous importance, with quarantine, natural light has become even more important to people as they’re buying a new house. As real estate is opening up post-quarantine, buyers are saying that their homes don’t have enough white, natural light in them.

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