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    Preparing Your Home for Winter

    Winterize Your Home

    Don’t miss these important tips and tricks on Q&A Episode 25 with Rich Dallas!

    This week, Rich goes over the most important aspects of preparing your home for even the coldest of winters.

    These are some great ideas, as a Realtor and a homeowner, that I believe will help if you live in a cold climate like ours.


    Tip #1 – Clean Your Dryer Vents

    No matter where you live, you need to clean your dryer vents. On the outside of your house, you’re going to have a little dryer vent that sticks out of the side of your house. Make sure those are clean because it’s not only more efficient for your dryer, but you’re also avoiding a vire hazard if there’s too much lint buildup.

    You won’t want to climb up and assess that vent when it’s 42 below zero outside, so take care of it now!


    Tip #2 – Have your HVAC System Serviced

    We actually just had ours serviced because over the summer, birds flew into the exhaust vent, got into the furnace, and stopped our system from working. Big shout out to Perry Heating and Air Conditioning for dealing with that – you can check out their site or contact us to get in touch with him.


    Tip #3 – Turn Off Your Water Supply to Areas on the Outside of Your Home

    Any outside hose nozzles or spigots should be turned off because you don’t want water in there to freeze. You can turn off the water from inside the house and drain out the line so you don’t have any issues there.


    Tip #4 – Take Down Window A/C Units

    If you have window A/C units, definitely take those down. It will increase the longevity of your A/C system as well as create less draft in your home.


    Tip #5 – Clean Your Gutters

    It’s fall time, and leaves are going to be dropping for the next few weeks. You’re going to want to check your gutters until most of the leaves have fallen so you don’t have any water issues. Water overflowing your gutters and falling to your foundation isn’t good; nobody wants water to come into their foundation.


    Tip #6 – Prepare Your Lawn for Next Year

    This is actually the best time to prepare your lawn for next year. I know it sounds really weird, but the reason why the fall is so great for your lawn is:

    1. the cool temperatures and less harsh sunlight
    2. the soil is still warm, but not hot
    3. morning moisture is great for feeding growth

    Combined, these features create fertile ground for new grass growth. So take advantage of this chance to spruce up your lawn for next year.

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