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    BLOG: Investigating the Cleaning Powers of White Vinegar

    Cleaning with White Vinegar

    Natural, safe, cheap and super tough on bacteria and dirt, vinegar has been praised as the ultimate household cleaner.
    BUT, does it actually work?
    We investigated.

    Household Cleaning with White Vinegar


    • Edible & biodegradable.
    • Chemical Composition: Water (H20) & Acetic Acid (CH3COOH).
    • The acidic pH means vinegar breaks down alkaline substances. It works by “chemically changing the proteins and fats that make up [viruses and bacteria by] destroying their cell structures.”
    • BUT, according to cleaning professionals, it only retains its cleaning superpower at full strength, meaning diluting it in water highly reduces its efficacy.
    • Super-long shelf life.
    • Created by fermentation or distillation.

    Toxic Household Cleaners Chemicals

    DO NOT . . .

    • Use on on natural stone counters like marble or granite, as the acid can erode and destroy them.
    • Use on electronics, grout, waxed or unfinished wood.
    • EVER, EVER, EVER mix with bleach or hydrogen peroxide, as doing so can lead to a toxic chemical mixture.
    • Mix with baking soda. You might have heard doing so will be beneficial, but the truth is that these two substances only break down into water and sodium acetate, AKA chemical salt. The cleaning power of both is then canceled out.

    So, how should I use white distilled vinegar for my household cleaning?

    *** By far, our research indicates that often the BEST homemade solution
    is simple HOT soapy (from something like Dawn dish detergent) water! And bleach for areas like toilets and places contaminated by items like raw chicken***

    • For bathroom and kitchen fixtures (It removes soap scum and mineral deposits).
    • To neutralize odors in places like trash cans and garbage disposals/drains.
    • Coffee makers! This is an old classic that works and is included in the factory cleaning recommendations for many models.
    • Wipe down stainless steel.
    • For solid surface countertops.
    • Clean makeup brushes and hair brushes.
    • Microwave water and vinegar in a glass dish in the microwave for 2 minutes then wipe down the inside.
    • Add one cup to the final rinse when washing clothes.
    • Wipe down showers/tubs with vinegar and do not rinse. This will help to prevent soap scum build up.

    Do you have any cleaning advice for us???
    We’d LOVE to hear it. Place your suggestions and thoughts below!

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