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    BLOG: The Importance of the Bathroom Exhaust Fan

    The Importance of the Bathroom Exhaust Fan

    OK. We admit that the subject of this blog might seem like a major snooze fest. Bathroom fans? Thrilling isn’t exactly the first word that comes to mind. BUT, hear us out: This little, often forgettable piece of equipment in your home can spell big trouble down the road if you don’t take it seriously.

    We see it all working in real estate, and we’ve seen first-hand how these fans can cause damage if not treated properly. In just the past few months, we’ve had major issues revealed in home inspections. SO, watch this video so you can be smarter than the average homeowner when it comes to keeping your home dry and mold-free in the bathroom.

    PLUS, read our tips below for more info!


    So, what’s the point of an exhaust fan?

    Many people imagine that a bathroom vent fan serves the primary function of removing odors from a bathroom, but the more important function is actually to exhaust warm, moist air, such as that created from the use of a bathtub or shower. Warm, moist air not only encourages mold growth but also can cause damage to the fixtures and surfaces in a bathroom […] A bathroom vent fan is a mechanical ventilation device that exhausts indoor air to the outdoors via a flexible tube or metal duct. A vent fan will draw out moisture and odors from the bathroom, improving air quality. – From The Spruce website. 


    • Pay close attention to sound ratings. If you spend a lot of time soaking away soar muscles in a bubble bath during the week, you don’t want a loud fan disrupting your peace. Ratings of 1.0 or less are the absolute best.
    • Look for fans certified by the HVI (Home Ventilation Institute).
    • Fans should vent to the outside, not run into the attic or an unfinished space, where moisture can develop into mold that might go undetected for a long time.
    •  Proper placement! Make sure your fan is in the area where the most moisture occurs, like right above your shower/tub.
    • Don’t forget: Fans also remove toxic chemicals, which are often used to clean bathrooms. This makes the air healthier for you and your family.
    • You can install a light/fan combo that has an auto humidity detector, so it turns on when necessary!
    • If your fan is manual, make sure it runs for at least 15 MINUTES after using the shower.
    • An enclosed toilet should have its own exhaust fan.
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