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    • BLOG: HOT TOPIC & MYTH BUSTING: Blue Light Blocking Glasses

    BLOG: HOT TOPIC & MYTH BUSTING: Blue Light Blocking Glasses


    Blue-Light Blocking Glasses.

    We’re sure you’ve seen ads and articles popping up EVERYWHERE for the stylish, non-prescription blue-light blocking glasses . . . we did some digging to uncover the truth. Our whole team spends a lot of time looking at computer and phone screens, from reviewing lengthy contracts to designing advertisements, so we wanted to get to the bottom of this one and help our followers, too!
    #1 These glasses are designed to block the blue light that encourages wakefulness. This light is emitted from things like computer screens and smartphones. 
    #2 DON’T confuse eye strain caused by staring at electronics with the effects of blue light. Many people mistakenly believe that their dry, itchy, and painful eyes are a result of blue light. This is not true! This kind of eye irritation isn’t from the blue light; it’s simply due to staring at the screen–or anything (like a book) –for too long. 
    REMEMBER the 20/20/20 RULE! Look at something 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds every 20 minutes to help prevent eye strain. 
    #3 You actually get much more blue light from the sun than you do from any electronics.
    #4 So, how can these glasses actually help you? Blue light causes problems when it disrupts our sleep patterns. Professionals suggest that in order to avoid negative effects, you should stop using electronics 4 HOURS before bedtime. Hold up . . . 4 Hours!!!!
    4 HOURS?!?!?!?! 
    Yes. So, wearing these glasses as you watch TV or scroll through your Instagram feed before bed can help you get more restorative sleep. That’s the bottom line on wearing these ultra trendy glasses. If you want a better night’s sleep and more melatonin production, either stop looking at your phone or watching TV four hours before bed or get yourself a pair!
    Here are some links to help you find the right pair!
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